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Mares that are Homozygous for the Paint Gene: 

NIFTY BLUE - Grulla & White Homozygous Tobiano Filly (MKS Magic Johnson x Nifty Natalie, sired by Bye Bingo) April 8, 2008.  DOUBLE HOMOZYGOUS - homozygous tobiano & homozygous for black!  Link here for pedigree informations.  She has a fabulous foundation Paint pedigree, full of proven performers and producers!  This fabulous chocolate grulla/smokey black and white mare is homozygous for the tobiano gene.  This fabulous chocolate grulla/smokey black and white mare is homozygous for the tobiano gene. Her color is interesting and changes with the seasons.  She is a little more chocolate colored in the winter, which I absolutely love - this is the color that produces the beautiful chocolate paints.  In the spring, she sheds out to a dark blue grulla, and in the summer her coat looks more silver grulla.   She is out of one of our very best mares that consistently produces muscled, athletic, and gorgeous foals with the very best dispositions.  This filly has strong primative markings and was born with brindling in her dun factors, but as her color has darkened, they are now difficult to see.   She is a fabulous halter or performance program, and a very unique addition to a breeding program.  She has one blue eye,and the other eye is mostly dark, with a small amount of blue.  This mare rides very well and has excelled in her training. She has beautiful movement and wants to please.   She is a quiet mare to ride and handle, but is also very athletic.   She is very strong in picking up both leads.  She loves to learn and is a fast learner.  She is now finished enough that she rides bridless.  She has been ridden in an arena, on trails, used for farm work, and is finished enough to begin a show career in ranch horse competitions and competitive trail riding.  With a little more finish work, this mare is an excellent all around youth show prospect, and has natural ability in reining, cutting, team penning, and other performance competition. This fancy young mare has the mind, ability, and proven pedigree excell as a finished show mare, or a one of a kind trail horses. She has grown into an awesome mare, with the best of her sire and dam's abilities. $2,750

Poco Pepsi Charmer (Pepsi Poco x Buffy Bubbles) 1997 Sorrel & White Homozygous Tobiano Mare.  Please link here to see her awesome foundation APHA pedigree.  This nice, stout daughter of Pepsi Poco is a granddaughter of Gabe's Six King's on her dam's side.  She has a good disposition and is quiet and gentle to handle.  $1,500

Pepsi Poco Belle (Pepsi Poco x Isabelle Ringing) 2004 Black Tobiano Mare, Homozygous Tobiano & Homozygous Black  Link here for pedigree information.  
This beautiful black and white mare has an excellent disposition and absolutely loves attention!   She has a remarkable pedigree, beautiful color, and she has beautiful foals, too. And, she is one of the youngest and last daughters of Pepsi Poco.   She sells exposed to Drus Nike for 2014.  $6,750

QT Noir Femme (Drus Nike x Lightindriftqueen) September 1, 2011.  This fancy mare is double homozygous (homozygous tobiano and homozygous black).   She is absolutely gorgeous, and one of the fanciest foals we have ever raised.   Her sire is an own son of QT Poco Streke and a grandson of Pepsi Poco and MK'S Black Pepper.  Her Dam is out of Driftbar Valentine and sired by Queen's Ran Some.  

Drus Little Streke (Drus Nike x Kings Lightning) January 21, 2011.  This fancy black and white mare is homozygous for tobiano and homozygous for black as well.  She is line bred Pepsi Poco.  Her sire is an own son of Q T Poco Streke, sired by Pepsi Poco, and a grandson of MKS Black Pepper.  Her dam is an own daughter of Pepsi Poco sired by Little Streke.  Her three generation pedigree also includes Beau W Streaker, Poco Star, Q Ton Ace H, and Gabe's Six Kings!  It is hard to find a nicer looking mare with a better foundation pedigree than this horse!

Other Mares, Not Homozygous for the Paint Gene:

SS Dandy Doc Olena (Go Skip  Dandy x Poco Peppy Mission) 1997 Grulla and White Tobiano Mare. Link Here for pedigree information.  This mare is one of our best producing broodmares and she would not be for sale if we were not drastically reducing our herd size!  She consistently produces great foals, with good minds, and excellent athletic ability.  She has thrown her grulla coloring on most of her foals. We sold one of her sons, who was a grulla and white stallion, to Texas this year and he is being shown competively there.  As a stallion, Mary Alice and Garrett were able to ride him around the farm and on trails - this was one good minded and well behaved horse! This mare has the potential to produce world champion athletes with gorgeous color and great minds.  She is a one of a kind mare. She is an easy keeper, easy to handle, never in trouble, and gets along well with all of the other horses in the herd.  We could not say enough good things about this mare.   Her sire is a red dun tobiano with the bloodlines of Poco Bueno, King, and more foundation APHA and AQHA breeding.  Her dam is a granddaughter of AQHA Ima Peppsy San, by Little Peppy Four and out of Docs Jameen Tivio.  Her dam is also a granddaughter of Pure O Lena. The fourth generation of this mare's pedigree also includes Peppy San Badger, Doc's Prescription (by Doc Bar), Doc O'Lena, and Betsy Pine (by Poco Pine). She sells exposed to MKS Majic Johnson for 2012.  $1,250

 Lady Belle Poco (Pepsi Poco x Lady Bay, by Oklahoma Star) 1997 Sorrel Tobiano Mare. Link here for pedigree information. This nice stout daughter of Pepsi Poco is broke to ride.  She has a good disposition and is quiet and gentle to handle. $1,500

Strait Magic (Strait From Texas, by Riskey Business, x Yankees Magic Lace, by Dam Yankee) May 9, 2000.  Link here for pedigree information. This big Black & White Tobiano mare is an own daughter of Strait From Texas (All-time Open Performance Point Earning in APHA History, 8 time World and Reserve World Champion, 2 time APHA Open Top Twenty Winner, 3 time World Show Oscar Criglar Award Winner, 16 time Open Honor Roll Champion, and sire of APHA Open Top Twenty Winner, NRCHA Limited Open Horse of the Year, Multiple APHA World Titles, Multiple NRCHA Championship Titles.  Stud fee on her sire is $2,500.  This mare is an easy keeper, easy breeder, and has not had any complications with foaling. She sells exposed to Drus Nike for 2014.  We have priced this mare to sell at the cost of the price of the stud fee of her sire, and we are not standing Magic to any outside mares this year, so don't miss the opportunity to own a mare of superior quality and the very best pedigree bred to a one of a kind top quality APHA foundation bred stallion! $2,000  

Nifty Natalee    (Bye Bingo x Poco Nifty) 1999 Grulla and White Tobiano APHA mare. Link here for pedigree information.  She has an awesome pedigree with absolutely no holes in it - the very best of foundation Paint breeding! This gorgeous mare is absolutely one of our favorite horses.  She has beautiful color and a fancy pattern that she passes on to her foals.  She is sired by Bye Bingo, who was a fabulous broodmare sire.  His foals consistently carry unusual patterns and pass these fancy patterns onto their foals.  Natalee has produced beautiful horses for us on a consistent basis.  She is an excellent mother, takes good care of her foals, and has a pleasant, easy going disposition.  Natalie injured her right front foot as a weanling.  Her owner at the time attempted to have the injury repaired through expensive surgery at a university veterinarian hospital, which actually aggrivated her injury.  This injury has not interferred with her ability to successfully move with the herd or get around in the pasture.  Natalie has a beautiful sentimental history.  Natalie was part of Don Allgood's selective herd of horses at the time of his death.  Don loved his horses, and Natalee was one of his favorites,  Don raised some of the very best foundation bred APHA horses and was one of the original breeders of foundation Paints, focusung on quality, pedigree, color and disposition.  Every time we visitied Don, he let me go visit Natalee.  He knew I wanted her and I was willing to pay a high price.  But, he wasn't interested in selling.  He prized Natalee and felt she was the perfect example of the quality horse that he had bred for his entire life.  The last time we visited Don, I asked him again if he would be interested in selling Natalee.  Of course, he declined my offer.  But, he said that I would have her before I knew it.  I thought it was a strange comment.  But, sadly, Don passed away a few weeks after that visit.  A few days after his death, we were contacted by his wife who told us that Don wanted us to purchase his herd of horses to continue the breeding program he had worked so many years to establish.  What a kind and generous thought.  We were able to purchase his entire herd.  Many of those horses are still here on our farm.  And, we are offering some for sale because we significantly downsizing.  It is hard to let Natalee go, but I am simply not able to get out and enjoy the horses much due to my illness. Natalee loves attention, is quiet and easy to handle.  Even though she has the injured front foot, I was able to ride her when she was younger.  Of course, she enjoyed a quiet trail ride as much as I did!  Natalee never bucked or acted up while I broke her to ride.  And, interestingly, every one of her foals started riding exactly the same way.  A wonderful example of one of her foals is Nifty Blue - gorgeous, athletic, intellegent, and a quick and willing learner. Her foals have always been marketable and have had excellent success. A piece of my heart, and a piece of APHA history follows Natalee.  She is certainly a one of a kind horse! Natalee is one of the select personal horses Mary Alice is offering for sale.  The price is not negoatiable, we are not interested in accepting trades, and we are not interested in payments.  She is priced for a straight forward cash sale.  If you have additional questions, please contact Gary at (317)796-2791.   $2,000

Sweet Malea (Pepsi Poco x Pocos Blue Star) 1991 Grulla Tobiano Mare.  Link here for pedigree information.  This mare is part of foundation APHA history.  This mare was part of Don Algood's final herd of horses.  Don Algood was one of the original foundation APHA breeders, and raised such awesome horses as Q T Poco Streke, Pepsi Poco, and more!  She has full siblings that have achieved international success in the show ring (including NRHA Bronze, Champion designation, ROM, money earners) and international breeding programs.    This gorgeous grulla mare has been a fabulous producer and her foals have consistently been marketable.  One of her most well known offspring is Bye Bingo, and she continues to produce fabulous foals, including a beautiful double homozygous grulla and white stallion this year.  She is a proven producer with offspring excelling in breeding programs, show rings, and as trail horses, too!  We have always found a fabulous market for her foals. $1,000

QTS Easter Holly Glo (Q T Poco Streke x  Hollys Ghost)  This mare is a full sister to QTS Amaretto (ROM in reining, NRHA money earner), sired by Q T Poco Streke and out of Hollys Ghost, an APHA ROM producer and a NRHA money earning producer.  Holly's Ghost is a full sister to My Genes Are Tight (AQHA World Show Prodocuer, AQHA ROM Producer in reining and working cow horse).  She also has Holly 7 John on her papers twice.  Holly 7 John is a full brother to Hollywood Jac 86 (NRHA Hall of Fame, World Champion, NRHA Monely Earner, Halter Point Earner, Million Dollar Reining Sire, and more, also the sire of Hollywood Dun It).  Her dam's fabulous 5 generation pedigree includes Q T Poco StrekePepsi PocoBeau ShoshoneQ Ton Ace HQ Ton EagleLeo San Man, Holly 7 John, (two times), Easter King (Million Dollar Reining Sire, etc. - two Times), Holly Smoke (Million Dollar Reining Producer. etc. - two times), Mr. Joe Glo and her six generation pedigree includes King (two times), Hollywood Gold (two times), and Poco Bueno!  This mare herself is also a producer of offspring earning Halter and Performance Points. And, her foals have been extremely marketable, with her first foal selling for $10,000  as a weanling and going on to have an extremely successful performance and halter show career. She is an excellent broodmare, and also a really nice riding horse!   $5000

Zoe - Aged Black Mare.  RIDES and DRIVES!!! Zoe is the perfect horse for an inexperienced rider or someone learning to drive.  I have more experience than confidence when driving a horse!  I LOVE to drive this mare. She is an older mare, I am guessing close to 20 years old.  But, given my lack of confidence in driving, my philosophy is that an old horse is a cheap insurance policy!  Zoe is the last of the horses I have been able to use, which says the most anyone could say about her!  Despite health issues, I have always been able to hitch and drive her without any problems.  She stands quietly to be hitched.  She follows every direction while driving.  She is not nervous, but has plenty of energy and absolutely loves to go for a drive!  She is not sour, irritable, or difficult at all.  Even friends that have never driven a horse, and Garrett, drive her.  Last spring I drive her for around seven miles in one afternoon and she trotted up the last hill home, quietly walked down the driveway, and was waiting to go for a drive the next day!  I am sure she has some arthritis, as most older horses do, but she moves well and enjoys being used.  I purchased this mare from the Amish as a trustworthy driving horse and she has never disappointed!  On my last outing with the horses, I was able to drive her several miles to pick up Garrett from school. What an exciting surprise for Garrett and a great day for me!  Of course, he was able to drop off his friends in the neighborhood by horse and buggy, with parents waiting on the porch with cameras!  This mare created priceless memories that will last a lifetime.  I have driven this mare over high bridges with low rails... scared the poo out of me, but she looked at me like, "What are you so worried about!"  I have driven her through heavy traffic, waited in the school line to pick up Garrett, used her for family outtings, and have enjoyed every single opportunity I have had to drive her!   She has been out on pasture all summer. She is not thin, but she is not as heavy as I like to keep her.  She has enjoyed being on pasture, but I like to keep her in a smaller pasture of few acres and feed her each day.  If you plan on using her often, that is probably the best plan for maintaining her.  She is not on any medications.  I make sure her teeth are floated a couple of times a year, and her teeth stay in good shape.  I also worm her every three months because she is an older mare.  Otherwise, she requires no special care or maintenance.  And, "Zoe" - life - is her perfect name!  When I am driving her, I feel the joy in every single moment.  Clearly she is a special part of our family, and she will be a very special part of the family in her new home as well.  She is not a particular horse, so I am believe she will adjust well, and even be happier, in her new home where she is used and enjoyed often.  I may only have a chance to drive her a few times a year, but she is exactly the same, dependable, quiet, well-behaved buddy every time I take her out!  I haven't ridden her myself, but some kids rode her around the farm one day.  She rides very gentle, plow reins, and doesn't do anything fancy, but does the very best thing - behaves dependibly and faithfully every time!  $1,000

Classic Moonshine (Makin Moonshine, by Shining Spark, x Bee So Tempting, by A Hot Temptation) April 17, 2012 Bay AQHA Mare.  It is hard to find a mare with a better pedigree than this young mare has!  Her three generation pedigree includes such great horses as Makin Moonshine, Shining Spark, Genuine Doc, Diamonds Sparkle, Smart Chic Olena, Melody Jac, A Hot Temptation, King Star Doc, Zipped N Barred, and even more!  This mare is quiet and gentle to handle.  She has a wonderful disposition and absolutely loves people.  $2,000

Simple Socks Annie (Y Not Socks (sired by Sock Broker) x Simply Kiddin Around (Sired by Simply Scotch, by Scotch Bar Time) March 29, 2009. Sorrel Overo Mare.  This is a fancy fancy overo mare.  And, she has a pedigree as beautiful as she looks.  She is also broke to ride!

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