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We have always been proud to include Magic as one of our primary breeding stallions. He is a perlino, so all of his offspring will be dilute colored (buckskin, grulla, dun, smokey black, or perlino). He is homozygous for the tobiano gene, so all of his offspring will carry the tobiano gene. And, he is homozygous for black, so he will only produce black gened offspring. He has a super disposition, great conformation, and a versitile pedigree for halter or performance. Magic is a mulitple ROM and point producing stallion in halter and performance. His foals have stood Grand Champion at halter, Reserve World Champion, and top 10 overall at the Pinto Horse Association World Show! Thank you so much to our customers who have committed the time to bringing these foals to their potential and we look forward to hearing more success stories in the future!Registration:  APHA 7772967

Date of Birth:  May13, 2003

Sex:  Stallion

Color/Pattern:  Perlino Tobiano, Homozygous Tobiano, Homozygous Black

MKS Magic Johnson